Maryland Society of Educational Technology

The MSET conference is a collaborative atmosphere that provides educators, administrators, and technologists with vital information to teach 21st century learners. Over the past 4 years, I have presented sessions and workshops to disseminate knowledge and best practices to my colleagues.


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Supporting Evidence

Program Summary

Capture Learning and Share
Student Progress using Multimedia

Student progress can be summarized using e-portfolios. The program examines how students with IEPs show progress with various multimedia artifacts. It also provides a wealth of ideas of how to utilize common applications and internet services to produce such artifacts.
Web 2.0 = Schools 1.1
Transforming the Traditional
School Environment

The traditional school setting has not changed for hundreds of years. The digital age has provided students with the ability to learn beyond the walls of schools. The program provides statistics that identify how digital age students prefer to learn and several classroom examples of how to utilize Web 2.0 services to teach to the learner, not at the learner.
Social Networks in
the Education Setting

Social networking provides teachers with the ability to create an online learning environment. Many of the aspects present in today's learning management systems are built into Ning, a free, robust social utility that allows users to create their own social network. Discussions, documents, photos, videos, and web links are just a few features highlighted during this program.
Digital Game-Based Learning
in the Classroom

Gaming has its place in education. The military and big business have been using it for decades to train and educate. What about schools? Explore the instructional potential of this popular form of edutainment.